Everyone else is chilling at the beach and I’m just parked on the snowy pass of a Colorado interstate indefinitely. If we left 20 minutes sooner we would be golden, 10 minutes sooner it might have been us.  (at Eisenhower Tunnel)
Tales of My Ages turned 3 today!
The lifespan of our cardboard boat #unioninited #clocktowerasb #well…
Splash for cash #unioninited #clocktowerASB  (at Union College Gymnasium)


Sometimes when I say “I’m okay”, what I really want is for someone to hold my hand, look me in the eyes and say “I know that you’re not okay, here is $1000.00”.

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Realistic New Year’s Resolutions by Joanna Borns

Previously: 10 Little Known Facts

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lets just say its really complicated and leave it at that


My new ice cubes. If he dies, the empire will reward boba fett greatly. (at The Leddy’s Place)
Good to be back in #Washington. I’ve been gone so long that I can barely recognize the space needle! (at Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool)
How we feel when Austin takes the car.
Austin is a serious driver