She looks good, I clean up well, naturally we went together. #toobadtheresnodancing
I love visiting my friends’ parents’ houses, they have the cutest wall art! (at Chicago, Ilinois)
Just a dude hugging some carpet at the back door of the girls dorm, tori too busy to get her rug, nbd. (at Union College Rees Hall)
Bae caught me meditatin’#meditation. This was a fun week, @levelbreaker and I got to combine cabins and hang out, meditate, and eat the goo out of peacock feathers together #ssl2014
Discovered the best way to study for Astronomy 111 #masseffect  (at Cooper Place)
Making salsa as a go away gift for my parents! (at Melbourne Dr.)
The six-foot crawdad, first appearing in the Edo Period of Japan 1832-34 #ssl2014 (at Smithsonian’s Freer and Sackler Galleries)
Yo, farmers. Need anything while I’m here? #myintrovertday  (at U.S. Department of Agriculture)
Wow! There’s nowhere else to sit in here, thanks guy! #myintrovertday  (at Lincoln Memorial)
Just fixing my hair is all #myintrovertday (at Washington Monument National Monument)
As you can see, there was nothing organized about meeting Temple Grandin yesterday. But this amazon person is autistic, has a PhD in animal studies and does frequent talks in the psychology and autism science communities. #apa2014
Me being the first one awake of all my friends across the nation. Texting them anyways. (at Melbourne Dr.)
Tween camp and the makeshift double-decker couch #legomovie
Puget Sound #perksofthenorthwest #toosexyformyshirt (at Redondo Beach Park)
At SafecoField with @aguilerachelsea #GoMariners  (at Safeco Field)